NEW - Virtual Sessions - HIPPA Compliant!

In a world of “I Don’t Knows” living life on a daily basis can become challenging. We are being limited on our independence and made to take on roles that we never dreamed or envisioned ourselves in. Our family units are being put to a daily test of survival. We are all trying to find a “New Normal.”

These days we are having to draw from strengths we never knew we had just to get through another day. How many times will we hear the phrase “what is today” or “I’m bored” only to turn around and attempt to make some sense out of all of this.

Telehealth is a way to meet in the craziness of your schedule.

The platform I am using is HIPPA compliant and everything will be confidential. Please reach out and we can walk through this together. If you can find a place and take a few minutes for yourself, let’s work together to develop plans to improve the quality of your life.

Book Recommendations

Eating Disorders:
When Food is Love—–Geneen Roth
Fat is a Family Affiar—–Judi Hollis
Food for Love—– Janet Greesen
Binge No More—–Joyce Nash
Love to Eat- Hate to Eat—–Elyse Fitzpatrick

Codependent No More—–Melody Beattie
Beyond Codependency—–Melody Beattie
Facing Codependency—- Pia Mellody

The 5 Love Languages—– Gary Chapman
The Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work—-John Gottman
Surviving Infidelity—–R. Subotnik and G. Harris
His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage—–Willard F. Jr. Harley
Boundaries in Marriage—–Henry Cloud John Townsend

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