My Therapy Approach

My goal is to be the best possible counselor to meet each client’s needs….

Sometimes life can be full of challenges, and we sometimes need help making sense of it all. You may not want to worry your family and friends with your struggles. You may want someone who is non-judgmental and objective to help guide you through change.

Counseling provides a safe place to grow and process issues. My role as a counselor is to meet you where you are in every session and to share ideas, to stimulate thought, to respect your individual struggles and abilities, and to be a creative part of your movement toward your goals. Once met, you will have ultimately developed healthy coping skills to utilize in all areas of your life. Helping you gain a deeper understanding of yourself will give you a higher sense of esteem and confidence.

The common theme throughout my career has been relationship issues in all their forms and aspects… from managing boundaries, setting limits, developing clear and effective communication and interpersonal skills- to addressing intimacy issues and dealing with power struggles or problem resolution. Stress, anxiety, depression and addictive behaviors often result from how we are intertwined in the lives of others. By learning to lower our expectations of others we can find that they are less likely to disappoint us and our relationships become healthy.

By using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) we will work together to develop new insights and develop healthy coping skills. You will periodically be given “homework” which normally consists of practicing your new skills in your everyday life and being held accountable by me to return to the office and discuss the process. Since development of skills is but a small part of the solution I find it important to practice these skills on a daily basis between our scheduled sessions. In addition to CBT I utilize Family Systems Theory, Strengths Based and Solution Focused Techniques in my practice.

Together, we will work as a team and you will become better acquainted with your own strengths.

When you are ready to start feeling better please contact me, I am here to help you figure things out. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me today if you would like additional information about my practice to schedule your initial consultation at my office.

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