Move a Muscle Change a Thought

What day of the week is it, what is the month, where are we and how did we get here?????

I have always told my clients to “move a muscle – change a thought.” What can you do in the moment? Make the bed, write in your journal, find someone on social media or in your phone list to reach out to and make their day. Bake a cake (wait you baked cookies yesterday…whose going to eat all this sugar?), take a walk( find a new path—-do jumping jacks every 5 steps), read a book (those old classics you read when you were young—reread them and start a conversation with others), catch up on whatever you have been putting off until tomorrow (that closet, drawer, filing, craft…) These days motivation is starting to be a thing of the past and feeling hopeless about this stay in place world we live in opening up. Just remember to not set yourself up for failure. That task that has been on the back burner for months/years may not get completed today, this week, or this month. When we wake up thinking this whole shelter in place will make us who we wished we could be is only a set up for disheartened feelings. Feelings of worthlessness, laziness, and dread are just a few that come to mind and what I hear from conversations I have had with others on a daily basis. This is not a time of creating someone we are not! Take steps in the right direction, do the next right thing, divide and conquer, and take steps to do things that you have time to do now. Balance is the key. It’s always been the key. All or nothing thinking does not work. This kind of thinking traps one into thinking if they complete or are successful at a task they are worthy. It is a slippery slope and one that is hard to walk. Eat right, exercise in moderation, get enough rest, spending time alone and with others is a personal journey. But, when you feel stuck or complacent in your day, get up move find something to do to get outside of yourself. You will find that moving will bring a sense of accomplishment and worth. Do anything that crosses your mind don’t make to complicated. I encourage my clients to be proactive in their plans. Make a list of things to do before you find yourself in the moment of angst. Take this list and write 2-5 things on several note cards and put them around the house. This way you can grab the card and get busy right then.

My list would include putting in a load of laundry, write in my Covid-19 Journal, take a walk, organize and clean out a drawer and calling or texting a friend. What would be on your list of things to do? I would love to hear. These things do not have to be big. You will find once you begin doing a task that it will lead into another task and etc………. Your mind is the perfect breeding ground for negative thinking and feelings of depression.

Please leave your comments.

I think we can all find things in our shares that may not cross our mind to try.

Stay well, smart and strong

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